• When people are new in town, they don't have any idea about local medical facilities and doctors
  • The hassle of arranging an appointment with unknown medical specialist
  • In addition getting directions to the place and dealing with insurance bureaucracy
  • Even a person may forget appointment
  • Project Duration
    6 Weeks
  • My Role
    UX Designer
  • Project Type
    UX Design Strategy course
  • Team Size
    1 Person
Competitive Analysis

Now, it's time to check out market:

Survey & Interview

The survey and interviews also revealed some important facts like many people are
comfortable or religiously restricted to visit specific gender doctor.

Affinity Diagram
Persona 1
Persona 2
Story Board

Let's see how "ROCDOC" will assist user with these problems!

Ideating with sketches

Paper sketches and wireframes were usability tested before jumping to the final prototype design

Below is how USER TEST improved my work:

Style Guide

Interactive Prototype

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