The objective is to identify these public and private services and create a path for users to take that is the most efficient and suit their needs.

Currently it is difficult to identify all the various Shuttles and services available within a city. Google Maps, HopStop are likely the most popular of this type of service. Many of these services are not advertised digitally and spread via word of mouth, signage, or via a separate website.

  • A city has various forms of transportation available to its residents and visitors. How can we create a platform that consolidates these options and view the best possible option to the traveler?
Task Outline

We were 3 people in the team for this project

We had distributed work equally and so I contributed to all the steps and all the discussions

The project lasted for 2 months and user research was the longest part of this study.

I am proud of being able to gather really good information through interviewing the target audience.

Affinity Diagram
Persona 1
Persona 2
Persona 3
Persona 4
Screen Sketches
Final GUI
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