• I got an opportunity to intern at The Medisked LLC as a UX/UI Designer for January to May 2017.
  • The MediSked founded back in 2003 in Rochester, New York. The company provides human services software for home care and human service provider agencies across the United States.
Allocated Tasks
Working in collaboration with MediSked Product Strategy Design & Engineering organization:
  • Use visual layout tools to create prototypes, mockups, wireframes, and user interface roadmaps.
  • Audit existing user interface/user experience (UI/UX) across MediSked’s web-based software platforms & draft recommendations to improve usability, consistency and presentation.
  • Present recommendations in the form of wireframes and working HTML prototypes.
  • Develop interactive UI style guides for MediSked platforms, including standardized HTML/CSS and page templates, to be used by the engineering team during new feature development and site updates.
  • Build reusable code, libraries, and templates for future use Develop high-fidelity HTML user interface mockups across 4+ web-based software applications for all new major.
  • Contribute to the evolution of MediSked’s user-centered design and accessibility-centered design principles and practice.
  • Implement responsive design principles across the MediSked platform portfolio Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
  • Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs, and work closely with web and mobile engineers to ensure brilliant and beautiful user experiences are built on resilient back-end technology
  • Research and prototype new and innovative front-end web technologies in conjunction with MediSked’s Innovation Architects as well as the Product Strategy & Design team.
  • As one of the web application was content-data heavy, complex navigation because of multiple possible functionalities, it was necessary to organize its user flow.
  • So, I decided to go with open card sort activity. I was able to invite 10 participants in-person for the activity.
  • A taxonomy research helped me to figure out confusing terms/labels, merge-able functions, unnecessarily expanded navigation elements and user-friendly categories.
  • The result of activity was intuitive information architecture, easy to understand sitemap.
  • Carried out usability inspection/audit for company’s 2 biggest platforms.
  • Brainstormed user-centered creative solutions for child AWS cloud-based SaaS products.
  • Presented ideas with Rapid Prototyping.
  • Documented recommendations with examples.
  • For corporate website provided new mobile friendly bootstrap templates.
  • Collaborated across product design(A Remote group) & software developer teams by creating low-high fidelity Wireframe mock-ups.
  • Attended everyday SCRUM meetings.
  • Designed and developed 'design system' (style guide) for the software developers.
  • Simultaneously, Designed new SVG icons library to match with new style guide standards for the B2B and B2C Software as a Service(SaaS) products.
+ The work is under NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement). For more information, please contact me. Thanks!
Few Takeaways
  • I had tried to narrow down the number of cards for card sorting activity and did 1 pilot test with 79 cards, which turned out to be a headache for a participant.So, no more than 60 cards for playing.
  • I couldn't create the mockups for 4+ web-based software applications, but Yes I was successful making it for 2 products.
  • The limited time and being stand alone UX person may be the reason for it.
  • Minimal Viable Product(MVP) concept help to design, test and review products faster.
  • Overall, I could learn how to work in Agile environment. Also, I developed my skills in UI Development as well as Icon Design.
  • Moreover, I could provide user centered design for dashboards and some other modules.
"Shraddha provided a much-needed different perspective on the MediSked platforms. She was able to bring in ideas on how to enhance the overall look, feel, and usability of our sites. She had numerous great ideas and always was looking to improve the end users experience. "
-Andrew Wheeler(Director of Product Strategy & Design at MediSked)

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