The goal of Daily Grind Express mobile app is to o er fast customer service for busy people who want to get their co ee on the go as quickly as possible.

  • Give customers the option to order their coffee while on the go
  • Encourage customer loyalty with a repeat order option and free redemption alert
  • Fast and easy checkout
Task Outline

It was a project for a client café, located in an urban area, we built an iphone app to meet 'business objective' - maximizing 'quick' customer service

We were 5 people in the team for this mini project

Most of the time, I focused on Lo-fi prototype and Usability Testing areas

I am proud of I could come up with multiple ideas rapidly for the most important page: Dashboard.

Because to place order quicker the customer should be able to choose item faster. For example, whenever we go to a restaurant the most time taking process is 'going through menu' and deciding what to order. So, here we took special care of menu, the 'Dashboard page' is 'Menu page' here.

Competitor Analysis
Persona 1
Persona 2
Lo-fi Prototype
Dashboard Ideas
Hi-fi Prototype
    Task 1
  • Order a regular cappuccino by credit card
  • Customer is new to the app (no existing account or credit card info)
    Task 2
  • Order a medium cappucino and regular espresso
  • Pick up time: 30 minutes
  • Scottsville-Crittenden Way Customer has an account but
    needs to sign in
    Task 3
  • Account status: signed in
  • Order last saved order
  • View details
    Task 4
  • Account status: signed in
  • Redeem a free coffee
  • Everyday customer buys coffee for her/himself only.
  • The top-left hamburger menu should contain recent orders.
  • The reward coffee isn't there to attract customers for buying more beverages, so no reward counter on the dashboard.
  • Limitations
    Entering a phone number is the only way to register on this application. Overall, we created beverage buttons bigger to add to cart procedure faster which may limit a company from adding many more items in the menu.

    Moreover, to make it more intuitive and for the cognitive affordance provided steps to follow are highlighted as you go through.


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