Problems with existing mobile site

My school has class enrollment portal, which is painful to use on mobile phones. Especially in the initial phase of the semester, students use this portal the most.

  • 1. Merged links, there isn't enough space available between the links
  • 2. Does not cover main content in a screen, multiple scrolls to view all content
  • 3. Very small and hard to read information
  • 4. Some portion of the screen is invisible
  • 5. Drop-down menu goes out of the screen boundary
  • 6. Very tiny controls
  • 7. Categories don't make sense (many are redundant)
Card sorting

To improvise the information flow in intuitive way the key card sorting practice used

Information Architecture

The activity leads to clear mind map for the system below

User Persona
Rapid Prototyping
Final Prototype

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